Friday, December 22, 2006

The Girl in the Cafe, etc.

I watched The Girl in the Cafe with Dan last night and I'm watching it again with my mother right now. This is such a good film, in my opinion. It takes a really clever concept and weaves its characters into a great film that flows right off the screen with a message and a challenge for the audience. Why can't Christians learn to make movies of this caliber that challenge an audience as well as this?

I'm trying to think of a point where Christians went down the drain as makers of great art. Was it when we started making products, music, and movies aimed for a "Christians only!" audience. I went to a play on Sunday at a really really big church in the Carlisle area. It was an annual thing that the church does and they usually do it quite well. This year was different. It was a slip-shod story that contained a few morals engrained in the plot of the story, but otherwise the message was brought to the audience by characters giving hackneyed soliloquys that seemed extremely out of place and thrown in simply out of necessity because it's a "Christian" production. It was very discouraging and if I were an unsaved person watching, I would be turned away by all this overpowering message that breaks up the story.

Anyway, Christmas is in three days. Uncle David comes tomorrow around 3:00. It will be nice to have him home for a while. I've been working at the Pharmacy again and am reminded again of how much I LOATH the Franklin County dialect. I don't mind the Southern accent down in TN, but coming back up here I am getting so annoyed at people not realizing the simple rules of phonics and saying their letters right. I also need to make a bumper sticker: "LEARN ENGLISH OR LEAVE!" Not to be mean or anything, it just gets annoying.

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