Friday, March 30, 2007

Ever busy...

From IMDb News:
A MySpace blogger who had vowed to go on a hunger strike so long as American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar remained on the show touched off expressions of concern Thursday when she failed to update her daily blog. On the TMZ gossip site, an editor wrote, "Let us know you're OK. And have a steak or something -- Sanjaya isn't going anywhere any time soon." Later in the day, the anti-Sanjaya blogger, known only as "J," posted a message apologizing for not keeping her website current, then concluded: "I am still feeling kind of weak but okay. not at the point of hospitalization yet, thank goodness. it won't be long now until Sanjaya is gone!"
A friend called me tonight very distraught. She had been typing out a speech she was supposed to give at a women's retreat for three hours and somehow it didn't get saved. I worked with her on the phone for about half an hour to no avail. I could sympathize with her, though, because the other day I spent an hour writing an email to someone only to have a connection failure when I clicked "Send." Then, yesterday I had spent an hour editing some video footage only to find later that my work had disappeared. So, I've been saving things like a madman this last day-and-a-half.

This week has been crazy busy for me. I've had lots of homework in the past few days. Its been really stressful, but not enough to make me do anything rash like eat cafeteria casserole or eggs. I've been helping the guys on my hall with their movie for the college film festival. I guess I can say its my movie as well, but I really don't think I'd benefit from having my name attached to the ideas behind this project. In any case, I've been trying to make it as good as I possibly can by shooting all the footage, editing it, and getting a friend to write an original score so the movie has a chance of winning Audience Choice.

Also this week, we had the most random hour of 24 ever. E-V-E-R. There were so many impossible impossibilities and freak happenings in this episode ... it was amazing. We also introduced 24's first autistic character. Everybody clap! Even though this episode had one of the most tense scenes in 24 history, it still can't redeem the sloppy writing that is becoming characteristic of season six. Its a mess. But its still 24.

While we're on the subject of television, Lost was amazing this week. Another feat of excellent writing from the crew at ABC. I'm convinced that even a "bad" episode of Lost is written better than most any other TV show. This week was structured like an old-fashioned mystery that stuffed some characters from the past that we hadn't seen in a while (Doctor Arszt, Boone, Shannon, etc) into the mix. This episode made me not hate Niki and Paulo. I now know the reason for their existence (however short it may have been). Wednesday's episode answered some questions I've had for a while too, which is always a good thing when it comes to Lost.

I would really like to do a serious narrative or documentary project, but need to find something that is within my technological range and my ability. I've been limiting what I watch (sans a TV show here and there) to things that I think will be worthy of my time. Hence, I've been surrounded by a lot of excellence and when I think about setting out to do a project, I always get discouraged because I know I probably won't end up making anything of consequence. It'll come, though. I just have to wait.

I was listening to some Bach piano music today. I really want to learn some new Bach now. I haven't played him (or any other composer of piano literature, for that matter) in a long time and am feeling a great need.

Wish me luck in this next week. It's going to be another toughy.

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