Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New things ... and some old.

I've been introduced to so many new things recently either by other people, or simply searching around and finding them. I thought I'd share them with you here.

No. 1: I've been reading alot of Flannery O'Connor. I really love her short stories because her vision is so fantastic. I have never seen a modern writer infuse a Christian Worldview into their stories as well as she does in every single one that I've read. I'm mad that it has taken me so long to find out about this woman ... truly a treasure.

No. 2: Sufjan Stevens and Arcade Fire are two of my new favorite musical artists as far as modern music is concerned. I don't listen to too much new stuff, but this whole Indie Pop stuff is really appealing to me, partly because the lyrics are so creative and thoughtful. We need more artists like these guys.

No. 3: Heroes. This is an amazing TV show and definitely rising to the top of my all time favorites list with each episode. This show has such a unique vision in that its style is so much like a graphic novel. The camerawork and lighting are unusually superb for a TV show and the recent casting of Malcolm McDowell as Linderman is absolutely inspired. Yes, it took that show a while to find itself: the Desperate Housewives ripoff monologues in the first couple of episodes were a bad idea and there was some unnecessary sexual content in the shows beginning chapters. Luckily now, though, Heroes has turned into a genuinely creative, clean (sans the violence), and wonderful show. It may be a bit of a Lost ripoff, but its the first real good one and is getting better as it continues to emerge.

No. 4: Through A Screen Darkly by Jeffrey Overstreet. Any Christian interested in film or art in general owes it to himself to read this book.

No. 5: Chloe on 24. Entertainment Weekly stated it best in their review of Monday's episode:
There was a Chloe Classic Moment last night: When she had to go into the CTU room where Logan was being detained to tinker with a computer, she engaged the ex-prez in some awkward conversation and then abruptly shut him down with ''Sorry, I'm feeling ambivalent — I'm gonna go.'' It's as if the writers suddenly remembered how to write for Chloe: She has to articulate with stiff propriety and frankness the inner thoughts other characters have but don't reveal.
I would write more but I need to be off. Maybe I'll continue the list later.

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