Wednesday, August 15, 2007

IMDb forum action

I was skimming the boards about The Painted Veil on IMDb and came across the obligatory "could there be a more boring movie" post. I really hate posts like this, but then again, every really great movie is going to be hated by the mass public.

Anyway, this response to the original poster by pbroganx is one of the best responses to something like this that I have ever read:
Yeah, this story needs an update. It would have been much better if they had replaced the cholera outbreak with a computerized cartoon monster--a great big one! From space! And instead of hostile Chinese nationalists, how about black-clad kung-fu assassins that flip and fly around on invisible harnesses while throwing flaming skulls that explode on impact? Get rid of Naomi Watts and Ed Norton and replace them with....oooh! I know! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! Just ditch the whole love story thing and replace it with hip, attitude-soaked dialogue that hints at lots of sexual tension. And, have Brad and Angelina, wearing skimpy clothing, kick lots of monster/assassin ass while constantly discussing their bet on who can kill the most bad guys/monsters. Oh, and instead of routing fresh water to the village, the doctor can quest for a magical stone, kept in the nest of a giant, CGI sorcerer bat, that will explode when thrown into the mouth of the cholera monster! I could work in Hollywood.
Priceless, ehh?

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Joseph said...

Yep, with IMDb trolls at your fingertips, who needs to pay for entertainment? :-)h