Saturday, April 14, 2007

Down to the wire...

I have 19 days left here for the semester. That’s not much, but every time I look at the calendar, I think about all the stuff I have to do before then and it seems SO LONG! This next week I have a Western Civ. group project to finish, I have meetings for a (very big) Biblical Foundations group project, there is research essay due, and I accompany four people in Rep. class. There’s probably a bunch of other stuff that I’m forgetting at the moment, but that’s still a lot.

Even though this next week is going to be quite rough, I have the weekend to look forward to. Hot Fuzz comes out on Friday and the Bryan Film Festival awards ceremony is on Saturday night. Sunday morning, I’ll get on a bus at 8:00 and go to the Nashville Film Festival for two days. It will be my first real film festival, so I’m very, very excited. I’m probably seeing five films while I’m there and they all sound really great. Two documentaries, a comedy, a drama, and an action movie filmed in one take (I’m not expecting much out of that one). One of the documentaries I’m seeing is called Lake of Fire and is said to be the quintessential documentary on abortion, done by Tony Kaye, the director of American History X. I’m also visiting the Frist Center for the Arts while I’m there for their Picasso and Matisse exhibit.

24 returned to form this week with a really great episode. They brought David Fury, a writer from season one of Lost, in to dig them out of the giant hole they had made for themselves and start anew. Thanks goodness.

Lost was one of the best episodes ever this week as well. I love an intense characters study and that’s something the writers of Lost are really good at. I’ve been reading a graphic novel in my (very little) spare time called Watchmen that is sort of like Lost. It has well-developed characters that we learn about through flashbacks. One of the things I love about Watchmen is how it will cross cut from one scene into another situation, using the dialogue from the previous scene to give the new one meaning. Its really great stuff and is quite affecting at times. I long to write a really good story, but don’t have the talent or the time. Oh, well. I guess that’s the dilemma of many people … not just me.

I suppose everyone has heard about Don Imus of Imus in the Morning's new antics. I don’t usually listen to him, but I’ve really been keeping up with the trouble he has got himself into lately. Apparently, he called some Rutgers women’s basketball players “nappy-headed hos” on the radio and is now in big trouble (i.e. he’s been taken off the air). I just got done listening to a little speech he gave on the radio apologizing for it. I was hoping it would be good, but it wasn’t. He just spent twelve minutes talking about how he’s not a racist because he has a ranch where black children can come in the summer and he has some black friends. He tripped over his speech the whole time. It was really sad. It was sort of like the man was trying to jump out of his own grave, but was unintentionally making it deeper with every failed attempt. As the Bible says, “…the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart.” I’m still trying to figure out if he just had a weak moment, or if the guy really is a racist. I guess we’ll never know.


raymond said...

The others...I hate them all.

RC said...

your imus comments are true...i hate when people try to dig themselves out of a hole with the type of justification you described.