Saturday, April 07, 2007

Most stressful week of the year: DONE.

This week has been extremely busy. It’s been a week full of projects, exams, personal trials, and some other things that usually compile a stressful week. I got through it, though, and have come out relatively unscathed.

The biggest high point of this week was finishing the video for the film festival. After a big scare where I thought almost all of my work had been deleted, I finally got it done and turned it in on time. Since its not really “my” film, it would have been an extreme disappointment to a bunch of people if I had lost everything. I turns out that my external hard drive was not formatted correctly for my MacBook Pro. No harm done, though. I’m going to reformat it before summer.

I took today to sleep pretty late and do a lot of cleaning. I basically took everything out of the room and swept. Then I picked up every bit of trash that had been accumulated (mostly by my roommate), dusted everything and did laundry. Lets just say the room looks like a different place not.

Wednesday we had a really good chapel, even though I almost feel asleep during the message part. The worship band was the best part even though they were a bit too loud. We sang some awesome Easter-related songs that I hadn’t heard in a long time. It was also great to see a Professor up playing the piano with the band and quite obviously having a ton of fun. Seeing that kind of stuff always makes me feel good.

Yesterday (Good Friday), I went up in the woods for a while to do some reading and praying. It was great, even though it was a little cold. I listened to some music I hadn’t listened to for a very long time and had a really great time in the quiet. I borrowed an old Minolta film camera from a friend and shot off a role of scenery. I’m waiting to get it back, but I’m hoping they look good. If they come out well, I’ll probably buy an old Minolta from someone for cheap.

I’m heading into another semi-big video project I think. Brett is doing a magic show at our alma mater (good ol’ Shalom) on May 10 and needs it to be the best possible show because it could open a whole ton of options for other magic shows for him. I need to compile a rather atmospheric intro for his “Searching the Supernatural” show. It’s going to involve some shooting in a graveyard, clips from supernatural thriller/horror films/TV shows and some cool titling stuff. I’m excited because this show needs to be really good.

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