Sunday, April 29, 2007

"The horror ... the horror!"

Saturday's journey to Chattanooga culminated in eating at a place I had never experienced before and never ever want to experience again: CiCi's. Apparently, CiCi's is a pretty popular place down South ... that comes as no surprise to me, as it is an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet for $4.99. Everything about the place was so immeasurably gross. I saw a worker stick her unwashed hand up the ice dispenser to try to fix it. I swear that no person over 30 in the whole place was under 250 lbs. The pizza was nothing but grease and left an awful taste in my mouth. The floors had a half-inch layer or grease on them, as well. It was like walking on top of a layer of lard. So gross. I'll never go to a CiCi's again!

As I walked out of my final class of my first year of college on Friday, the weight of work wasn't lifted like I thought it would be. My two biggest finals (English II and WCiv II) are tomorrow and I still have to pack up the room and take some of my bigger items to storage. In any case, I'll be home in less than five days. Then ... happiness.

I ended up getting to McKay's twice this weekend. I took Brett's car and went by myself on Friday. I picked up the soundtrack to The Mission and the complete dossier edition of Apocalypse Now (which includes the original and the redux). On Saturday, Colton and I stopped by and I picked up an awesome edition of Plato's Republic and a Sam Phillip's CD. All this for less than $18. I love getting a good deals.

Since I didn't have much work other than studying this weekend, I watched Apocalypse Now. It's one of those movies I've always wanted to see but have never gotten around to watching. What a great film. There's some pretty ground-breaking stuff in this movie, from the cinematography, to the first of 5.1 sound. I'm tempted to say that it's better than The Godfather when it comes to Coppola films, but I'll have to wait until a second viewing to find that one out. In any case, if you like great war films, you'll love Apocalypse Now.

Lately, my mind has been swirling with things I want to do this Summer. Perhaps its a good thing that I won't be working at Csehy. As much as I'm going to miss the place, its abscence will give me some good time to build up the bank account and get alot of things done. It will be the first Summer in years that I won't have big events to attend. It's going to be quite a change. Who knows ... maybe a change for the better.

I did have something slightly profound swimming in my head because of something I read last night, but that will have to wait. I doubt most of you would read it anyway. I'll get to it sometime.

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