Thursday, July 12, 2007

Evangeline's first film project

Evangeline Lilly (Kate on Lost) has chosen her first feature-length movie project, an indie flick called Afterwards. Quite frankly, after her performance on Lost, she could get a big role in a Summer blockbuster-type film, but:
I have struggled to find the right combination of factors, I was daunted by the notion that my only option might be to go do some big Hollywood film because that doesn't interest me whatsoever. I don't see any value in fame and I don't see any value in big blockbuster hit films. I have been looking for a quiet beautiful little project for three years.
It's nice to hear a comment like this coming from someone so famous. The more I watch the "quiet beautiful" things that Lilly talks about, the less desire I have to go see all the new and flashy blockbusters.

I'm taking a trip to Philadelphia next weekend and plan on spending Friday doing something that I never get to do: sit all day in an art-house theater and take in intelligent art. I couldn't be more excited.

Story courtesy of BuddyTV.

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