Monday, July 09, 2007

Lindelof on Potter

Damon Lindelof, co-creator and writer of Lost, wrote an article for the NY Times today about how he thinks Harry Potter (along with any story with "grand mythology" [that would include Lost]) should end. The whole article is worth a read just for Lindelof's wit and charm, but here are my favorite parts...
The Brits have no such hang-ups. They demonstrate almost limitless patience (which explains cricket) when it comes to the rather touchy issue of “resolution.” We Yanks, however, do not want froufrou endings. We want things definitively tied up.

And by “things” I mean lots of people dead. And by “definitively tied up” I mean in excruciating ways that ideally involve lots of gratuitous explosions.


[J.K. Rowling] can’t whack Harry because there are rules that must be followed when it comes to how one ends a grand mythology. Good triumphs over evil. Hope overcomes despair. Paper covers rock. Harry wins. Voldemort loses. The Ewoks sing.

And this is precisely why Harry has to die.

Because it will be tragic. And emotional. And surprising. But most of all ... it will be fair.


Maybe if He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named tossed one final spell at Harry? Like a mega-Avada Kedavra curse that nobody had ever survived? And if Harry, like, did some kinda Matrix-slow-motion move and used his wand to deflect? And then his opponent like totally exploded everywhere into a thousand pieces of reptilian flesh? If, like, Harry blew on the end of his wand and said, “I told you not to curse, Voldemort.”

That’d be fine, too.


raymond said...

Haha! He absolutely pinpoints the irony of our bloodlust: our expectation of it and our then SURPRISE(!!) when it does happen. Funny guy.

I can't wait to read about Harry's death ...(I predict suicide.)

BTW. Interview is getting good reviews. Yay! :)

Phillip said...

Suicide. Now THAT would be a great and immensely shocking plot point. I'd love it.

And I'll probably be seeing "Interview" next weekend when I'm in Philadelphia. I expect greatness from what I've read at Greencine and RT.