Friday, June 22, 2007

I NEED to see this!

I've really got to get out and see Into Great Silence. I've heard so many great things about it from so many sources. I just saw this article on IMDb and this paragraph made me want to see the film even more...
More than anything the film is about how we look, how, when given time, we are able to see differently. It is these quiet moments of beauty found in the quotidian mundane that Groening is most proud of. "I could not have found the image of the bowl of fruit when I first arrived. I had to wait. There was a change as my perception of the present moment helped me to see more. My level of awareness became different.
With all this Tarkovsky I'm reading, I really miss sitting in a dim theater by myself taking in great pieces of art (something that is rare to find here in the Burg).

I'm going into Philadelphia in about a month for a day. I'm really hoping the film will be playing there, or else I might just have to have my Uncle send me the Region 2 DVD over from England.

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