Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why haven't I heard about this?

Meryl Streep
Glenn Close
Vanessa Redgrave
Patrick Wilson
Toni Collette
and more!

I smell Oscar. According to a reviewer on IMDb (who may not be that reputable), Evening features "one of the greatest casts ever assembled in 100+ years of movie-making" and is "a deliberately paced, visually gorgeous meditation on real life issues." There are some really beautiful images in the trailer and if it lives up to what this reviewer says, I believe I will love every second.

And the best part is that it opens THIS FRIDAY!

UPDATE: Looks like I won't be giving this film my money this weekend. Partly because of the 20-something percent on the Tomatometer (thanks, Raymond) and Roger Ebert's *1/2 star review.
There are few things more depressing than a weeper that doesn't make you weep. "Evening" creeps through its dolorous paces as prudently as an undertaker. Upstairs, in the big newport mansion, a woman is dying in a Martha Stewart bedroom. She takes a very long time to die, because the whole movie consists of flashbacks from her reveries. This gives us time to reflect on deep issues, such as, who is this woman?
Then there's Jeffrey Overstreet at CT Movies who gives it a whopping one star rating and even mentions that very pretty shot that I posted above...
Evening feels artificial from the very first shot. We see a young woman reclining peacefully on a boat, resting on placid Rhode Island waters against a vivid sunset. Some may find the image breathtakingly beautiful. But there's something strangely artificial about it. It's so picturesque, with that digitally manufactured sky and that woman so perfectly posed, that it feels sentimental and idealistic—the stuff of vacation-brochure photography.
Grr. So sad to see good talent wasted. Off to see Ratatouille.


raymond said...

I want to see it too, but the tomatometer leaves much to be desired.

Phillip said...

*Hides head in shame*

I can't believe I didn't check the Tomatometer.

I AM a bit confused about how a film with this great of a cast could fail, but who knows. I'll wait to see what Roger Ebert says, since he's back and all.

raymond said...

Its must have been pretty bad...Overstreet gave it one star.

raymond said...

Nevermind my last comment...

*notices your comment on overstreet's blog*